In order to build our loudspeakers with an outstanding acoustic image, every detail must fulfil one criterion: perfection.

Perfection: We have made this exacting demand into our guiding principle.

Under the ALR JORDAN name, speakers are developed that fulfil the highest demands of quality, functionality, longevity, and design.

For over a decade, the ALR employees have devoted themselves with great conviction to the milieu of Hi-fi enthusiasts and music enthusiasts.

The most important goal during all efforts is the needs and the satisfaction of our customers. Probably nowhere are higher and more individual standards set as during the enjoyment of music.

Then: music can not only be heard, but also felt. During a perfect reproduction of music, the listener can physically feel the moods and musical descriptions. We have given ourselves the goal of bringing this feeling into your musical surroundings, as if you were at a live concert.

Our yearlong experienced production team assembles the individual loudspeaker chassis into a harmoniously coordinated sound-organ. ALR JORDAN speakers are hand-made by employees who are music enthusiasts who have made their hobby into their profession.

Even during the selection and construction of the cabinets, intensive measurements in anechoic rooms are performed. Before installation into the cabinet, every loudspeaker chassis is put through a 48-hour long-term test.

During this test, any possible sound distortions due to the production process are discovered. A chassis that does not conform one hundred percent to our demands is exchanged. Using this long-term test, every ALR JORDAN loudspeaker chassis is played-in so that our customers can enjoy a perfect sound experience right from the first minute.

Every speaker is put through extensive frequency measurements upon production. The speakers are delivered only after having successfully absolved the tests.

Our extensive quality controls guarantee the end-user a failure rate that is close to zero.