The company

The ALR enterprise was founded in Essen in 1989. From the first day on, it prescribed itself to basic acoustic research and to the development of high-quality loudspeaker chassis and speakers. Products are distributed worldwide under the ALR JORDAN name.

Our customer’s satisfaction has top priority for us. We do not attempt to persuade our customers using pithy advertising; rather, in order to be convincing, we invest our time and our know-how in the development and quality control of our products.

For that, our company-seat was moved to new and modern facilities in Wesel on the Lower Rhein in September 2000. With our production location we substantiate our clear acknowledgement of Germany as a company base, and to „Made in Germany“.


Even in the age of high-tech and mass production, our products are still fabricated using tried and proven manufacture by hand – supported by modern measurement and control technologies. We are proving that not only mass produced products can have an excellent price-performance ratio. Using modern measurement procedures and an excellent final inspection, we guarantee a constant standard of quality for our products.

We aspire to a distinguished musical reproduction through the technical perfection of our loudspeakers, connected with your wish for individuality in design. To aesthetic sensitivity belong not only a great acoustic quality, but also a suitable visual image.

Through their diverse variations, ALR JORDAN loudspeakers fit harmoniously to almost all furniture styles. Carefully selected wood veneers and a unique workmanship quality guarantee – along with the musical experience – a perfectly aesthetic, coordinated appearance of the speakers.


ALR JORDAN is distributed worldwide. In Germany, sales are carried out exclusively through authorized specialist dealers. You can find one of our authorized specialist shops in your area.

Outside of Germany, our products are marketed worldwide through numerous distributors. You can find a distributor near to you.

Customer satisfaction

For our employees, technical consultation before the sale is just as natural as all after sales service following a purchase. As we are convinced of the quality of our products, we offer the end-user a guarantee of 60 months.